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I fully understand and agree to abide by the following Farm Rules at Liberty Mills Farm. Further, I will communicate the following Corn Maze Rules to everyone I am purchasing tickets for who will enter the maze.

ALL ticket sales are FINAL. If the event must be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, you will have a choice of re-scheduling or a full refund. If you do not attend the event for any reason, including a COVID infection, your purchase will be accepted as a donation to Liberty Mills Farm.

I, and my guests, are either vaccinated or following all CDC recommended guidelines and limiting our exposure to the virus.

These Rules are meant to keep the maze fun for everyone!
~ No Running or Horseplay inside the maze.

~ Stay on the Paths. Short-cuts are NOT permitted and perrmanently damage the maze and ruin the fun for everyone.

~ No Vandalism.
Vandalizing will not be tolerated. Do not pick, throw, or damage the corn, or other objects found inside the maze.

~ALL children under the age of 16 MUST be with an ADULT, age 21 years or older, throughout the Corn Maze.

~ No Smoking. No Alcohol. No Pets.

~ Leave no Trace.
Please keep our maze clean and use the trash cans provided.

~ Call for Help.
If you get lost or want to leave the corn maze immediately, please do not walk outside the corn maze paths. Call us on your cell phone and someone will find you and walk you out.

~ Be Courteous.
Please be courteous to others. Do not scare or disrespect other people inside the corn maze.

~Follow all State and Federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 or other current health issues.



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